What Type of Vaporizer Are You Using?

There are several types of vaporizers, the most common among them being the cartridge or balloon method. This device takes only a few seconds to apply the heating element and can be used to produce any flavor desired.

The first and most common vaporizer method is that of the cartridge or balloon method. The apparatus is suspended in a chamber where hot air is circulated. The heat from the heating element passes through the solution and out through the heating coil.

This is my favorite type of unit because of its efficiency and convenience. The first drawback of this type of vaporizer is that it tends to clog the system with too much air. The system then has to be opened and thoroughly cleaned before any additional use. Once open, this type of vaporizer will produce lots of vapors.

A second disadvantage of this type of vaporizer method is that it will burn the material you want to vaporize. This kind of vaporizer method produces less vapor than the balloon method does, since the system has to work harder to produce it.

Also, because the mixture has to be heated, a gas apparatus is needed to control the temperature. With gas vaporizers, the temperature can be controlled by turning a knob instead of turning a light bulb.

The third drawback is that it is difficult to use the system with the standard mouthpiece. For many, this method of vaporizing produces a harsher tasting vapor than that produced by the balloon method.

One other disadvantage of the balloon method is that it requires more maintenance and care. The balloon type vaporizer is difficult to use and maintenance is usually costly.

Some advantages of the balloon vaporizer method are that it is easier to clean and maintain than the cartridge or balloon type of units. Because of this, some people prefer this type of unit over the other two.

Another advantage of the style portable vaporizer is that it is more convenient. This allows for use with different liquids and concentrates to produce a more diverse flavor than that produced by a tank unit.

When choosing a portable vaporizer, think about the size of your tank. If you only need a small amount of liquid to experience its effects, you may want to consider a small unit while if you want to experience a long-lasting effect on your body, a large tank will do the trick.

Booths, Cartridges and Bubblers are all examples of the balloon and cartridges based vaporizers. Now that you know the three types of units, you can choose the one that is best suited for you.