State Laws On The Use Of Cannabis

In what state is the marijuana law passed? Or is there a legislation of cannabis law which has been passed in your state?

In the United States, cannabis has been a part of our social life since long. In the US, there are a lot of states, which have banned cannabis use by adults and adolescents. For this reason, many scholars have associated the cannabis law passed in some of these states with the “War on Drugs”. In many cases, these laws are repealed after few years.

These laws were introduced in many states but the practice of legalizing the use of cannabis was not done in all states. In many states, the government introduced different legislative proposals. These laws did not stop people from using cannabis or other recreational drugs.

The cannabis law passed in Colorado is one of the first cannabis laws. It was adopted in the year 1998. This law had a very strict provision that prohibits cannabis users to smoke it. It was defined that smoking cannabis is a serious health problem that needs medical attention.

Even the legal use of cannabis has been banned in certain states like Alaska, California, Delaware, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, New Hampshire, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington and West Virginia. In many states, the use of recreational drugs was legalized but it was prohibited in other states.

There are several types of recreational drugs that are legal but cannabis is the only drug that is considered to be a harmful drug for adults. The federal legislation passed in 1970 doesn’t include any specific regulations regarding the legalization of cannabis. The federal legislation also says that cannabis can be used for medical purposes, but it can be consumed only if the user has an advisory from a physician.

There are public policies that are more relaxed than the federal legislation. A few of these public policies are mentioned below:

* In California, a public policy has been imposed that prohibiting cannabis users from consuming cannabis in a public place. The public policy also forbids smoking of cannabis and, it prohibits the consumption of cannabis at the height of sunset. Even the use of cannabis in a public place has been prohibited in some of the cities of California.

* In Canada, the public policy of the Canadian federal government says that, “A person must not consume or cause another person to consume cannabis in a way that endangers his health or safety”. However, the public policy does not ban the use of cannabis in private homes.

* The public policy of most of the states has prohibited the consumption of cannabis. In some states, the government has taken a relaxed approach.

* In many of the states, the public policy of the states has prohibited the consumption of cannabis. Some of the states have taken a relaxed approach in order to avoid large conflicts.

All the mentioned public policies of the states have restricted the use of cannabis. Many of the states also have adopted policies to legalize the use of cannabis by those who are above 18 years of age.