Legal Cannabis

cannabis law in india

Legal Cannabis

Cannabis law in India is a very complex subject that deserves some serious thinking. Marijuana and its derivatives are legal in most parts of the world, but not in the Indian subcontinent. It has been illegal for many years, since then, as cannabis is one of the most dangerous drugs in the country.

Even the government authorities were baffled to think how it could ever become illegal again in India. The growing of the plant to the extent that it is becoming widely available to all, and the sale of large quantities of the drug has made this a very costly situation. At the same time, the addictiveness of the drug and the failure of the authorities to control the use of the drug is becoming the major cause of the increasing number of people dependent on the drug. That is why the government decided to decriminalize the use of the drug.

The main aim of the law was to get those people suffering from any sort of medical condition, which is an extreme case, out of the society. However, it is not easy to make people who have acquired addiction problems, go free. In many cases, the addicts have to be provided with an alternative method of getting addiction treatment. Most of the times, it is through some sort of rehabilitation program, which is very expensive.

Now, the government has started with the process of legal alternatives to the drug, in order to reduce the costs of the addiction treatment. It has also given some guidance to the doctors, so that they prescribe the drug only when absolutely necessary. One can also find a more natural way of using the drug, instead of the more expensive and difficult to get chemical formulas.

One important point that has to be mentioned here is that the smoking of the weed or marijuana is still prohibited. There are a lot of people, who believe that they are taking their lives in their hands, by smoking the weed. Therefore, for the safety of the people, the government has banned the substance completely.

The government has also encouraged the states to come up with health policies that suit the need of the individual state. They are not quite sure if the states will follow this new guideline.

To add to the confusion, many people are now coming forward to apply for a plea bargain. If you have been convicted under the cannabis law, you might want to get a reduction in the time of the sentence, by opting for an agreement. In such a case, you would not be facing jail term, but the minimum sentence that has been imposed on you, may be reduced to a lesser time.

Another significant aspect of the law, is that the time of imprisonment of the person who is found smoking the weed has been made very short. This is so that the court does not have to spend too much time to examine the case.

In many states of India, it is possible to get a life sentence, for the case of the cannabis. However, in such a case, the minimum period of the sentence would be suspended for the next ten years. However, the government is trying to reduce the number of cases where the maximum sentence has been imposed.

Even though the numbers are very low, there is a distinct difference between those states where it is legal and those states where it is illegal. Those states where it is legal to have a strong network of human rights groups, who fight for the welfare of the people who are affected by the drug. In fact, these organizations have been fighting for the life of the cannabis plant.

However, the underground cannabis suppliers in the other states are also trying to carry on their illegal operations in the state that are making their state laws ineffective, and there is an effective campaigning against them. So, it will be a good idea to stay away from illegal sources of the weed and seek out the medical help of the well-trained and well-meaning citizens in your locality.