How to Charge Your Vaporizer From a Cigarette Lighter

These days the USB C cord is a must have accessory for many electronic cigarette users and rightly so. It is nice to be able to charge a device on the go, without having to replace it every time you get out of the house, but having to remove it from your pocket or bag is a real hassle.

vaporizer usb c

Luckily, some devices allow you to use the USB C cable in conjunction with a cigarette lighter. Here’s how to do it. If you have a pre-existing adapter which uses a standard USB cable to do this, just change it out for the new one.

To get around the problem, connect the new cable to the cigarette lighter first. Turn on the vaporizer then turn off the device that used the cable.

Put the old cable into the new adapter and your done. Replace the adapter into the vaporizer, screw it back into place and charge.

If you’re still using the USB C cord to charge your vaporizer, but the battery isn’t fully charged, turn the device off and leave it for half an hour. By doing this, it will charge to around 80% – once this is done, try again and repeat the process until it is fully charged.

If this does not work, try unplugging the unit and connecting the adapter to the device in the same way as before. Plug the adapter into the USB C cable and plug it into your computer. Make sure you have your computer’s power and the USB C cable plugged into your computer.

If everything else fails, the first thing to do is find the correct settings on your computer. There are instructions included in the device itself, if you have not set it up correctly, or in the manual. If you’re unsure about this, check out the manual and then take the device to a dealer.

However, if you’re in a rush, you can always find the battery replacement for less than $20 and buy a new battery instead. Be careful though, as you could damage your vaporizer. Always replace the battery with the same kind you have if the unit comes with one.

You can also remove the old battery and place it into the new one. As long as you’ve got your adapter and computer, it’s easy. However, if you don’t have a computer and you are doing this yourself, you could end up with a shorted out vaporizer or something.

The trick is to place the new battery into the cigarette lighter while it is on, and then put the old battery in before it dies. Once this is complete, wait about five minutes, turn the device on and then try again.

If this all works well, you’ll probably need to use your new cord as a USB C cable and not a standard USB A cable. But if you want the absolute best performance from your vaporizer, there is no substitute for a quality USB C adapter.