How to Avoid Containment Agreements

Having a cannabis house law is a complete nuisance to the neighborhood. Even if you are just planning to grow your own plants, do not let your neighbors know that you have a cannabis house law in place.

cannabis house law

The good news is that you can get your house removed from the zoning plan if you want to. That is why it is so important to take all the proper steps to avoid a “containment” agreement. The phrase “containment” refers to the taking of all of the plants and other plant life that you currently have on your property as part of the effort to rid the area of all potential cannabis users.

If you get rid of all of the plants on your property and put up fence posts, or even a solid sheet metal wall, the whole area can be considered “containment.” No one will be allowed in your property until they can get past your real estate lawyer’s heavy metal barricade.

You should never allow someone else to use your property to get around your security fence. It is not legal to pass through a property without being visible from the outside, especially if you have posted signs.

Unfortunately, some people will still be able to grow marijuana plants in cultivation areas that you are aware of. A cannabis-house law in effect requires them to leave, but the property owner is not required to protect the property. In fact, it is entirely possible that the real estate agent, not you, will have to bear the expense of tearing down the plants.

If the cannabis plant grower gets his property to appear on your property in some fashion, you should have your real estate agent to send a letter to the local zoning official, notifying him that your real estate license is revoked and threatening to take legal action against him if he continues to operate on your property. You must also inform the authorities of any pending repairs and any issues with electricity and sewer service.

Many people will not want to fight a marijuana house law and they will simply accept what is demanded. They will provide the needed evidence to get their property taken away from them, but in the end, the insurance policy for their house will be voided.

It is important that you familiarize yourself with your local and state real estate laws before you try to evict any marijuana users. The National Association of Realtors has written about how real estate agents have legal liability when they have been involved in selling a property in a town where there is an active marijuana-growing operation.

It would be in your best interest to make certain that you are acting on behalf of the property owner. Be sure to follow all the legal guidelines on the federal level and seek the assistance of an attorney in a state where you are a real estate professional.

Regardless of whether the house law is local or state level, one thing that is certain is that the law will not stand up in court. Any legal action will need to be taken on the behalf of the state, which may be expensive and time consuming.

It is easier to go along with the potheads than to go through the hassle of having to face legal problems later on. Avoid having to deal with hard feelings down the road by getting your house taken care of at the very first step.