Does Portugal’s Cannabis Law Stands Up To Challenge?

Portugal’s cannabis law is being challenged by the governments of the European Union and the United States. However, despite this, they have been able to see that drug use is on the decline. This has made them feel that the Portuguese government has taken a successful approach to legalizing cannabis.

cannabis law in portugal

In their opinion, although there are very low convictions for drug possession, most of them are done by the police’s reports. This means that the police do not actually bust people for their use of cannabis in Portugal. Although they can do so if the case involves regular consumption of the drug, even by individuals who are under the age of 18.

This makes it a difficult argument in the court of law. The drug possession conviction usually means a big fine or even imprisonment. However, this does not mean that drug use will not be tolerated. There are still rules and regulations regarding cannabis in Portugal and these must be adhered to.

The country has been showing good progress when it comes to its progressive stances in this matter. In a case like this, it is not only important to be able to hear what the law is but it is also important to know what the government’s response to the challenge will be.

In fact, there is a lot of good progress to be made when it comes to this issue. Currently, Portugal is the only country that has legalized cannabis for both medicinal and recreational purposes.

This has been done by the National Drug Policy, which was implemented by the current Portuguese government. The purpose of this national drug policy is to regulate the supply and demand of cannabis and other drugs.

It has had a strong influence in reducing drug related problems in the country. Since it regulates the supply of the drug, it helps to lessen the amount of addicts that are using the drug and also reduces the number of sales of cannabis. On the other hand, the controls also help to reduce the income of criminal organizations that profit from dealing the drug.

Legalization has also had a good effect on users as well. The Portuguese government was very strict in their control and now they have started to show signs of relaxation. They are still making the rules and regulations strict but they have relaxed some of them.

For example, the legal age for purchase of cannabis has been raised to 21 years. This means that teenagers no longer get to enjoy their first experience of using the drug. Since cannabis is still illegal, their social status is not improved.

However, this does not mean that police have relaxed their approach to drug use. They still monitor and enforce the drug laws. It would be best to be aware of the rules and regulations so that you are not punished in case of an unfortunate break in.

The Portuguese government is very determined to strictly comply with the new legislation regarding cannabis. This has made them more open in their attitude towards drugs. There are many international news agencies who still report that the Portuguese government is not fully ready for its new policies regarding drugs.

Although they still need time to adjust their drug laws, it is good to know that they are trying to regulate the use of cannabis and other drugs. As such, Portugal’s cannabis law is being challenged and the government is seen to be making good progress in this regard.