Are Vaporizers Really Healthier Than Smoking?

There are plenty of reasons why more people are choosing to vape instead of smoking. But vaporizers, of course, have their own share of health benefits too.

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According to statistics, Americans now consume two-thirds of the marijuana consumed in the world every year. The industry is said to be worth around $3 billion a year, with some estimates placing the figure as high as $4 billion. If that doesn’t sound like a good business opportunity, I don’t know what does.

Then again, many people use it because it’s legal in some states and also because it’s easy to buy for smokers who don’t want to break the law and smoke cigarettes. It may not be ideal to see drug dealers making billions off the occasional joint, but it is definitely more profitable than being a drug dealer.

One of the side effects of using vaporizers is that it can cause bad health effects, such as bronchitis, emphysema, or lung cancer. The biggest problem is that they are used by both heavy drug users and non-smokers, and that can lead to a surge in other smoking related diseases, such as heart disease.

Just knowing that it can lead to those bad side effects can be a deterrent. The problem is that vaporizers are unregulated, which means that people who use them have no real way of knowing the right dosage or the best kind of vaporizer for them. Even if you consult a physician to help you make sure that you’re using the right product, there’s no guarantee that the doctor will be able to prescribe it to you.

There are just too many products out there to test them all. In fact, most medical literature still discusses smoking, and vaporizers are lumped in with it. That makes it hard for patients who have a serious desire to quit smoking to get the help they need.

They have to deal with products that are labeled “electronic cigarette”, “cigalike device”, “vaporizer”, “vape pen”, or “cigalike device” or some other description that you would never find in a reference about regular tobacco cigarettes. There’s also vaporizer deaths statistics that include “e-cigs” because the FDA classifies them as a nicotine replacement therapy instead of a “cigalike device”. The reasoning behind this is that they don’t appear to pose any threat to the public, unlike traditional cigarettes.

The problem is that vaporizers are used primarily for non-smoking purposes, and that’s a really big draw. It would be really hard to quit smoking with something so dependent on nicotine, since nicotine is a stimulant. You need to have an almost irresistible desire to smoke it in order to keep smoking, which makes it extremely difficult to quit.

According to studies, the use of vaporizers is actually linked to greater chances of quitting, since there’s a strong desire to not be a “smoker”. Some people who are otherwise healthy will actually use a vaporizer when they’re trying to stop, just to give it another shot.

Because there’s no real need to inhale the toxins found in traditional cigarettes, electronic cigarettes tend to be preferred by some over traditional tobacco cigarettes, since it offers better health benefits and doesn’t get stuck in the throat or lungs. It has the added benefit of not causing any addiction.

The future of vaping is a little uncertain, but it’s undeniable that vaporizers are less dangerous than smoking. In fact, they’re safer for the user and the environment as well.